Friday, July 2, 2010

happy 4th!

fourth of july 2009

The pulmonologist looked over Craig's scan and does not feel that his nodules are cancer. That said, there is no way to be sure; medicine is not an exact science. He wanted to wait three months for another CT scan to see if there are any changes. He did not feel that a biopsy was necessary at this time. But Craig did. So Craig is having a bronchoscopy next Thursday morning. The procedure is similar to a colonoscopy; a scope is inserted into the lungs and a tiny device will take several tissue samples and a fluid sample. The doc did say it is difficult to get a sample from the exact tissue, so pray for the scope to hits it's mark! The test is an outpatient procedure and, with recovery time, lasts just a few hours. He will be able to go to work the following day.

If you want more technical medical details you will have to contact Craig (or he may post on here later to clarify). We feel good about today's visit. Craig feels that docs like to err on the side of caution and this doc really did not feel Craig needed the biopsy. I hope that he is correct!

I believe there will be a comparison scan in three months to look for changes, regardless of the biopsy results.

Thank you, all of you, for your continued prayers. They have sustained us this past week.

Craig and the kids will be heading out for their traditional "explosives run" on Saturday to stock up on all things that go BANG!, ZOOM! and KAPOW! With this latest news, I think we all enjoy the holiday a little more.

I hope your 4th is sparkly :)

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