Thursday, December 24, 2009

THANK YOU, JESUS! The pathology report showed Craig's cancer to be stage one! We are just floating over here. We were prepared for stage three, trying our best to be surrendered to what lay ahead, trusting God to provide what we needed. Then, wham! God drops the most beautiful, unexpected gift into your lap. And on Christmas Eve, no less.

Last night after our visit to the oncologist , we were hammered. I was dreading today's report, even hoping the snow might keep us from finding out until after Christmas. Hannah and Hans are so excited for Christmas celebrations and my heart just wasn't in it. The snow was kept at bay and the dr. told us, stage one. Craig said the chances for the cancer not to return are 80 to 100%. We are overjoyed!!!

I want to say how much your prayers, emails, text messages and phone calls have meant to this family. As I said, we were pretty low last night. But Craig and I sat down to check email and facebook and we were blown away. So many notes of encouragement and love. We are truly "surrounded by a great cloud of witness" and you have helped us "keep our eyes fixed on Jesus". Grateful doesn't begin to express the love we feel for you.

I hope these posts allow you to see the good, and we truly see it as good, in what has been a very difficult trial for our family. All along the journey, God provided for us ABUNDANTLY! A phone call from a dear friend when I was breaking down, the expert dr. when Craig was bleeding profusely, caring and gentle nursing staff, friends who rearranged busy schedules to wait and pray with me, even a peaceful hospital room-these blessings and so many more from the hand of Jesus. We could never have made it this far without Him loving us, reaching out to comfort us through all of you. Bless you for being an instrument of His grace and love.

A final prayer request: Pray that we would learn what God wants us to learn from this trial. We believe God did not allow this suffering for no reason. Whatever His intentions are, pray that we will fully commit our plans to Him and that He will be blessed and glorified in how we respond to Him.

Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn. . .Psalm 37:5,6

With love and thankfulness,

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  1. Merry Christmas! I think this is the best Christmas ever! I am so happy for you and for Craig and I will continue to pray for a fast recovery and a long and happy life for you! Love ya! Jodi