Monday, June 21, 2010

no news yet

Craig's scans this morning went fine. We saw the urologist at 3:30 for the scan results. Everything looks good except there are some spots on one of Craig's lungs. The report stated that these were probably from a previous infection but because of Craig's history, they want to see a previous ct scan for comparison.

He did have a full body scan in November of last year so we picked up a copy of the scan and will deliver it to the urologist tomorrow am. He will share the info with the radiologist and we will have an answer by Wednesday, hopefully. If the scan does not show the part of Craig's lung that they need to see, there was a mention of waiting three months and having another scan for comparison. Well I can tell you right now we do not want to wait three months!!! Craig said there might be a possibility of seeing a pulmonologist (sp?) for a biopsy.

We are fairly peaceful right now. We are waiting. Keep us in your prayers. I know times of fear and anxiety are knocking at the door. Pray for us to keep our eyes on Jesus. I had a great Bible study lesson this morning in my quiet time; I will share it tomorrow. Let me just say God is so good to provide what we need just when we need it :)

We love our prayer warriors!



  1. Praying his lung is good.. Thank you for the update. Praying every day!

  2. Praying for all of your needs, Jennifer. We'll talk Wednesday, I hope.


  3. Hey...found this just now in my life:beautiful magazine. I thought you'd like it.

    When you lead, dear Lord, I venture out into the great beyond with courage and expectation. A protected cove is safe, but you have called me to live with passion. I may encounter risks, but I know your provision and care are enough. Give me hope in your saving me from storms, climbing mountains before me and finding me when lost. I trust in you and I thank you for the adventures in life that make me who I am called to be. Make my way purposeful and glorifying to you. Provide me with all I need for the journey--your perfect peace, joy unspeakable and unwavering faith.